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Kanal : Recent music heroes



Scant Intone – Victory Building (2004)

PanospriaAvant-garde Micronoise Leftfield Post-industrial Experimentalism Abstract Minimalism Electronic music Avant-electronica Microtonal Microsound DroneComment: Constantine Katsiris aka Scant Intone's music is very specific in its highly austere yet sophisticated appearance. The Canadian mu #14:10 31.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes

Sanchez Is Driven By Demons – And Friends (2007)

redstarcommunityNoise pop Alternative pop Indie pop Electro-indie Remixes Art pop/rock Experimental pop Post-rock Organcore Drone pop Glo-fi Ambient popComment: the first post at RMH at the beginning of 2009 was about an album by Leafes being released on a Swedish imprint, redstarcommunity. Bec #14:06 31.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes

[Teaser of the day] J-1792 - Lifestyle

JamendoHip-hopUrban musicRapTrip-hopElectronic musicArtist: J-1792Release: LifestyleLabel: Enoughrecords/Archive. org/Free Music Archive/Jamendo/BandcampYear: 2017. #07:01 31.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes

[Teaser of the day] Cooloola Monster - 4 1

Free Music ArchiveAvant-gardeImprovised noiseExperimental electronicaDroneImprovised musicElectro-acousticExperimentalismArtist: Cooloola MonsterRelease: WavundLabel: Pan y Rosas DiscosYear: 2010 #06:45 31.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes

[Teaser of the day] Ossalot - Face Again

Guardians by OssalotIndie punkAlternative rockIndie rockArtist: OssalotRelease: GuardiansLabel: Self-released/BandcampYear: 2017 #06:14 31.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes

[Teaser of the day] Fuck Yuo I Am A Robot - Suvard

FYIAARElectroClub danceTech-electroElectronic musicAcid electroAlternative danceArtist: Fuck Yuo I Am A RobotRelease: SinglesLabel: Self-releasedYear: 2017 #06:09 31.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes


Alejandro Albornoz-Mika Martini – Two Chilean Blokes In The Soundhouse (2017)

Pueblo NuevoAbstract Experimentalism Electronic music Avant-garde Improvised music  Electro-acoustic  Avant-electronica Psycho-acoustic MicronoiseComment: as the title hints at this 11-track outing the whole seems to be interesting or at least playful. By thinking of a soundhouse I can imagine a hug #17:18 30.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes

x.y.r – Tourist (2017)

IngrownExotica pop Glo-fi Hypnagogic pop Mood music Avant-pop Art pop Ambient pop Tiki lounge Lounge pop Organic electronicaComment: this 9-notch issue is about sultry chords, sublime theme progressions, and just about a fine milieu to be created within one's cozy bedroom. As the cover print suggests it #17:15 30.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes

[Teaser of the day] Zé Trigueiros - Rua

enoughrecordsAmbient rockArt rockAvant-rockCinematicPost-rockExperimental rockArtist: Zé TrigueirosRelease: SombraLabel: Enoughrecords/Free Music Archive/Jamendo/BandcampYear: 2018 #17:04 30.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes

[Teaser of the day] Quadrado - Coma O Seu Dinheiro

CratediggersAvant-gardeSynth-popProgressiveArt musicElectronic musicImprovised musicArtist: QuadradoRelease: Onda GraveLabel: CratediggersYear: 2016 #06:09 30.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes

[Teaser of the day] UNATTRIBUTED - 0BC8F894

02BFF2 (waag_rel113) by UNATTRIBUTEDDronePost-industrialMicrotonalLeftfieldAbstractExperimentalismIllbientMinimalismMicrosoundAvant-gardeArtist: UNATTRIBUTEDRelease: 02BFF2Label: We Are All Ghosts/Archive. orgYear: 2018. #05:38 30.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes

[Teaser of the day] Ed Cooke - Sawyer Dub Blues

The Lost Variables by Ed CookeBluesIndie rockCrossoverExotica popMinimalismPsych-rockAvant-bluesTiki loungeAlternative rockArtist: Ed CookeRelease: The Lost VariablesLabel: Audio GourmetYear: 2017 #05:22 30.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes


[Teaser of the day] Century of Aeroplanes - Ealeki

WM RecordingsImprovised musicExperimentalismElectro-acousticAmbientChamber musicAvant-gardeArtist: Century of AeroplanesRelease: A Simple ProcessLabel: WM Recordings/Bandcamp/Free Music ArchiveYear: 2007 #16:24 28.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes


[Teaser of the day] Ilya i Alisa - Опасность Интернета

The Northern Deer by Ilya i AlisaSinger-songwriterAvant-gardeElectronic musicSpoken wordExperimentalismDada musicArtist: Ilya i AlisaRelease: The Northern DeerLabel: Self-released/BandcampYear: 2011 #04:26 27.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes


[Teaser of the day] Verjault - Death For Death Itself

Killerself: ao vivo by VerjaultCrust punkBlack noiseDrone doomCrossoverLive recordingExperimental rockBrutal metalAvant-rockArtist: VerjaultRelease: Killerself: ao vivoLabel: SeminalYear: 2017 #04:36 26.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes


[Teaser of the day] Bad Loop - Kauniit ihmiset

OneAmbient popIDMTechno popElectronic musicArtist: Bad LoopRelease: LuoLabel: One Year: 2005 #12:44 25.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes

[Teaser of the day] Globoscuro - The Glowing Eye Of NGC 6751

Far From ShowbizAvant-gardeImprovised musicElectro-acousticLeftfieldGuitar ambientPost-industrialIllbientExperimentalismArt musicArtist: GloboscuroRelease: IntegerLabel: Far From ShowbizYear: 2008 #09:41 25.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes

[Teaser of the day] Gurdonark - Thoughts

Free Music ArchivePrimitronicaLo-fiElectronic musicAlternativePost-IDMArtist: GurdonarkRelease: Constellation BlackbirdLabel: We Are All GhostsYear: 2015 #09:30 25.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes

[Teaser of the day] The Womb - Flirting On Your Deathbed

DanielleArt popSinger-songwriterSynth-popIndie popSophisti-popAlternative popArtist: The WombRelease: Heavy GhostsLabel: DanielleYear: 2017 #09:08 25.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes


[Teaser of the day] The Hirundu - Gauze

Pick Up by the hirunduLo-fiAlternative pop/rockDIYPsych-rockIndie pop/rockArtist: The HirunduRelease: Pick UpLabel: Pitch And PuttYear: 1994 #19:15 24.03.2018 kanalilt Recent music heroes