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Blazor pages get partial class support

Next . NET Core version 3. 1 brings some good news to Blazor – partial page classes. Maybe it’s not so big thing for many guys out there but sure great feature for those who like clean solutions. Here’s my story about partial page classes and their comparison with code-behind classes supported already today. Deafult weather forecast page When we create new Blazor application there’s page for weather forecast (named as FetchData. razor). 09:17 16.10.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Publishing ASP. NET Core 3. 0 application as self-contained executable to Azure App Service.

With Visual Studio 2019 we can publish ASP. NET Core 3. 0 applications as self-contained executable. It’s specially useful for environments where ASP. NET Core 3. 0 is not installed or where we don’t have permissions to install it. Here’s how to do it. Here's how to run ASP. NET Core 3. 0 applications on Azure App Services where . NET Core 3. 0 is not available. 07:28 11.10.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Generalize file access for ASP. NET Core applications using IFileClient implementations.

Once upon a time I worked out simple file client generalization so my applications can keep files on local machine or somewhere on the cloud without changes in application code. This blog post shows how to generalize file access in web applications and provides implementations for local and cloud file clients. This is how you generalize file access in your ASP. 09:42 06.10.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Hosting web application on Azure

Coming to cloud with web application can be scary if it’s the first time you do it. Azure cloud is not anymore about dozen of services – it’s real monster offering more than we are able to know and learn. It’s not easy to predict what will be the final path on cloud but it is possible to tell how to get started. Here’s how to do it. 22:34 02.10.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2

What’s next for client-side Blazor

NET Conf 2019 was full of great news and interesting pieces of information for those who love . NET world like me. It was specially interesting for me to watch presentation The Future of Blazor on the Client by Dan Roth who introduced on-going work with Blazor and plans for near future. Here’s my short overview with explanations about what’s going on. Here’s the roadmap for client-side Blazor shown by Dan Roth during his presentation. 07:47 02.10.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2


All about IDisposable

So, what is IDisposable and what is disposing of objects? This is something I teach to developers classes before they are going to their first school practice at some company. One of important concepts is disposing. Here’s my story about it. Unmanaged resources – why we dispose objects? Let’s start with concept of unmanaged resources. Almost all of our applications use some resources like file system, database, web services etc. 16:22 25.09.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2


How many .NET Core SDK-s you REALLY have?

Do you have lightweight laptop with not very big laptop where you run Visual Studio? Do you need sometimes more space? You can make some free space if you remove . NET Core versions installed over time by updates and previews. Here’s how to do it. Once I checked installed applications on Windows 10 laptop to see if I can make some more space. I found out that I have long list of . NET Core versions installed over time. 16:39 19.09.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Using Roslyn to build object to object mapper

Back in time I wrote series of posts about how I built simple object to object mapper. It was nine years ago and from them more things have changed. Today I added one new implementation of mapper and this one is using Roslyn compiler services to generate dynamic code for mappings. Dynamic code in current era As I’m new to compiler services I found some great starting materials: Simple sample of using Roslyn on. 08:42 18.09.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2


NHibernate on ASP.NET Core

NHibernate has been my favorite ORM for long time. Although it’s more complex for beginners than Entity Framework it’s more matured and many developers consider it to be practially an industry standard. NHibernate works with ASP. NET Core too. This blog post shows how to use NHibernate in ASP. NET Core MVC applications. I was pleasantly suprised seeing that NHibernate is now on. 08:00 05.09.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Create thumbnails using Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services is set of powerful and intelligent cloud services to analyze photos and images. This blog post shows how to create smart thumbnails using Azure cognitive services and ASP. NET Core. Why thumbnail service? Back in time I had to argue with one customer about how thumbnail should be done. There was popular misconception that GetThumbnailImage() method in. 12:41 04.09.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Visualize Azure CDN metrics with Grafana

Azure CDN is one of Azure services that doesn’t provide charts and metrics in service overview page. For me these charts are important because they help me to optimize delivery of my blog artifacts. This blog post describes how I visualize Azure CDN diagnostics logs using InfluxDB, Grafana and simple data collector. 12:14 20.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2


System memory health check for ASP.NET Core

I found temporary cross-platform solution for . NET Core to read system memory metrics until framework level libraries appear. This blog post shows how to build ASP. NET Core health check for system memory metrics. Getting started We are using MemoryMetricsClient class defined in blog post referred above. The class with MemoryMetrics result is given here again. 08:06 16.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Reading Windows and Linux memory metrics with . NET Core.

Until . NET Core gets its own cross-platform system metrics support I needed something simple to get system memory metrics of servers where ASP. NET Core application is running. I wasn’t able to find a nice solution but I still worked out something to get system memory metrics with . NET Core on Windows and Linux. My scenario I solved both cases by using simple command line. 22:27 15.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Getting started with Jekyll blog hosted on Azure static website

Building fully static web sites and blogs is possible anno domini 2019 and I tried out how it works using Jekyll and Azure services. My goal as a tech guy was keeping things small and automate as much as possible. After few days of experimenting I came out with beast solution described here. Live demo and source are available! Live demo of Jekyll static blog is here: https://jekyll. gunnarpeipman. com. 06:40 14.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2

Setting up Azure storage static website for Jekyll

Before setting up Jekyll build and release pipelines on Azure DevOps we need static website service on Azure. It’s special feature of blob storage. This blog post shows how to set up and manage Azure static website. Live demo and source are available! Live demo of Jekyll static blog is here: https://jekyll. gunnarpeipman. com. Source code with sample content is available at my Github repository gpeipman/JekyllBlog. 06:33 14.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2

Azure DevOps build pipeline for Jekyll

We have Git repository and Azure static website set up. It’s time to connect these two with Jekyll build and release pipelines to automate publishing from our machine to static website. This part of series focuses on Jekyll build pipeline. Live demo and source are available! Live demo of Jekyll static blog is here: https://jekyll. gunnarpeipman. com. 06:24 14.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2

Azure DevOps release pipeline for Jekyll

Previous post in series focused on setting up Jekyll build pipeline. After successful build we have new version of blog waiting for publishing in build artifacts folder. This post shows how to publish Jekyll static blog to Azure static website using Azure DevOps release pipeline. Live demo and source are available! Live demo of Jekyll static blog is here: https://jekyll. gunnarpeipman. com. 06:12 14.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2

Taking Jekyll static blog live with Azure CDN and custom domain

Our Jekyll blog is published to Azure static website automatically using Jekyll build and release pipelines. We can access site through Azure storage URL. To go live we want to use custom domain and we need Azure CDN for this. Here is how to do it. Live demo and source are available! Live demo of Jekyll static blog is here: https://jekyll. gunnarpeipman. com. 06:00 14.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Blazor form validation

Client-side Blazor supports DataAnnotations form validation out of box. It’s simple and intuitive but also very flexible – if needed we can use the same mechanism to replace DataAnnotations validation with some other validation component. This blog post introduces form validation in Blazor applications and peeks also into engine of validation mechanism. NB! Form validation in Blazor is experimental and subject to changes. 18:42 12.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Self-contained executable with . NET Core 3. 0 on Windows, Linux and Raspberry.

NET Core 3. 0 comes with support for self-contained executables. It means we can publish applications as a single executable for specified platform. Also trimming – removing of unused code from assemblies – is supported. This blog post demonstrates how to build self-contained executable using . NET Core 3. 0. NB! As of writing this post the current version of . NET Core 3. 0 is Preview 7. 08:00 09.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi 2